Stop Mucking Around Cleaning Your Wheels!  Clean Faster With This Range of Brushes To reach everything Easily!
Stop Mucking Around Cleaning Your Wheels!  Clean Faster With This Range of Brushes To reach everything Easily!

Stop Mucking Around Cleaning Your Wheels! Clean Faster With This Range of Brushes To reach everything Easily!


Stop Mucking Around Cleaning Your Wheels! Clean Faster With This Range of Brushes To reach everything Easily!

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Cleaning wheels can be hard but it doesn't have to be.  The trick is to have a range of brushes on hand so you can swap to the right brush for each area.  We made this kit after being frustrated ourselves, this is what we now use and so we made a kit up to make it easier.

We were in debate over if the microfiber cloths should be in or not, they are often handy to have, and we like to have them in black dedicated for the wheels, so we added them FREE!

Here's what you get and why you want it:

You Get two brushes to clean the wheel barrels and reach right in the back, A Hard one that cleans really well, and a softer one that is gentler.  It's great to have both as even if you have a delicate wheel on your car, the day where you need to clean an old trailer wheel will come.  

Best Hard barrel Brush by Rockcar

Best Soft Weel barrel brush by Rockcar

Those brushes are great to reach in between the spokes, through tight gaps around brake calipers etc and clean the full barrel of the wheel.  Its near impossible to do this without brushes like these.  But they are useless at cleaning the rest of the wheel, that's why you also get:

Best soft brush for the face of car wheels

A Large soft flat faced brush for the face of the wheel.  Thats all it will do well and it will do it very well, clean the face with this then drop it back into the bucket and move on to the next brush...


Best brush for cleaning around wheel nuts by rockcar

The Boar Hair Detail brush from Rockar if perfect for cleaning around the wheel nuts and the tiny corners you normally either miss or sit there trying to get for ages with a bigger brush or your finger.  You'll never get there with a larger brush, this brush will do it with ease properly and quickly, so you can clean the wheels properly super fast.  It's too small for anything else though, use it for what you need it for then back in the bucket and onto the next brush.

handy double ended toothbrush detailers brush from rockcar for hard to clean areas

You don't always need this brush, but when you do it's a life safer, its so tiny with two different ends, it makes it easy to get to those difficult spots.  You'll probably want one for the interior too but get a different one and keep them separate you don't want your wheel brushes and interior brushes mixed.

best Short stiff brush for cleaning car tyres

Now you could clean the wheels themselves with the large soft brush but it won't scrub the rubber properly, it's not the right brush for the job.  This brush is, its stiff with short bristles so you can easily scrub them properly to keep them nice and black and not that faded brown.  This type of brush is also amazing for cleaning carpets but again keep your brushes separate.  Don't use this on the surface of the wheels though as its very stiff, what you want to scrub rubber tyres could scratch the face of your wheels, like everything else having the right brush for each part of the job makes it so much faster and easier.  And enjoyable!

Finally, as a bonus you also get a pack of Rockcar Roadie microriber cloths in Midnight Black.  these are super high quality and soft, and really absorbent, you can use them to clean your wheels, or to dry them as you go.  Handy to have.  they are super high quality, made in Korea, no corners or tags to scratch, a high quality grabby weave with a soft and super absorbent 70:30 blend.  And best of all you get them FREE!

Rockcar roadie has no corneres or tags making it the best microfiber cloth for cleaning without scratching

Rockcar roadie midnight black microfiber cloth is the best for wheels and trim on cars



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