Purple Changing Lights

Purple Changing Lights

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    These Lights come with 3 wires.  + and - like normal, and a third wire, when you run current as normal through the + and - wire you have the normal colour like Amber/Orange, Red.  When you run current through the third wire the lights go to the Auxiliary Colour.

    Auxiliary colours available are Purple, Green, Blue, Red, White and Blue USA stripes and White.  White is normally used for extra reverse lighting.

    Some of the lights do "stop, turn, tail" and reverse. This means the one light can have the function of Tail (light red when the lights are on normally), Stop (Bright Red when you put on the brake),  Turn (flashing red when you indicate - red not amber), and reverse 9bright white when you put the vehicle into reverse.  

    Note all these colour changing lights are 12V only.  If you have a 24V truck like a European truck you will need to fit reducers.  

    While the lights give you a lot of options, you must ensure you always meet the NZ lighting requirements when on highway.  Knowing and meeting these is your responsibility.

    23 products
    Watermellon Marker Light, Dual Revolution, Red to Purple
    Watermellon Market Light, Dual Revolution, Amber marker and turn to Purple
    Peterbilt Bullet Dual Revolution Cab LED with Housing (Amber/Purple) (19 Diodes)
    3/4" Twist On Dual Revolution Red Marker to Purple Auxiliary LED Light with Reflector
    Mini Button Dual Revolution Red/Purple LED
    Double Face Combination Dual Revolution Amber/Red/Purple LED (38 Diodes)
    4" Dual Revolution Red Stop, Turn & Tail to Purple Auxiliary LED Light
    Frosted PURPLE LED Glow Strip, 12inch, centre
    6" Slim Dual Flatline Red Marker to Purple Auxiliary LED Light
    6" Slim Marker Dual Flatline Amber/Purple LED (9 Diodes)
    Gen 4 Marker Light (10 LED's) Amber to Purple Dual Revolution
    Gen 4 Marker Light (10 LED) Red to Purple Dual Revolution
    2" Dual Revolution Red/Purple LED (7 Diodes)
    2" Dual Revolution Amber/Purple LED (7 Diodes)
    Purple LED Auxiliary Light (does not change colour)
    Purple Interior LED (5 Diodes) (does not change colour)
    Chrome Plastic Mesh Replacement Bezel for Panelite TM M1 Series
    4" Chrome Plastic Mesh Twist-On Bezel"
    2" Chrome Plastic Twist-On Bezel"
    2" Chrome Plastic Bezel without Visor"
    2" Chrome Plastic Bezel with Visor "
    2" Chrome Plastic Twist-On Bezel with Visor"
    4" Chrome Plastic Twist-On Bezel"
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