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About us

Kings of Chrome started as a spin off of Heavy Trucks Ltd in Christchurch.  We wanted to make show trucks like you see in the USA and Europe, and couldn't find the "next level" stuff we wanted to make them really unique.  We didn't want cheap cookie cutter chrome, we wanted wanted high quality cool bling, and really tricky LED lighting that people hadn't seen before.  But we couldn't find it locally, and bringing it in as a one off was going to be too expensive.  So we got serious.

Kings of Chrome is now New Zealand's largest online retailer of Truck accessories, from wheel-nuts and hub kits to the latest in blue-tooth controlled LED lighting and an unbeaten range of metal polish and cleaning chemicals.  Our range and stock is unbeaten.  We select or products carefully from around the world, focusing on the best quality.  We have no interest in selling crap.

All our pricing is in NZD, including GST, and stock is shipped ex Christchurch, New Zealand. 


We buy in bulk and are at the top pricing tier of all of our suppliers, consolidate our shipping, and are highly automated and efficient.  This allows us to give you very competitive pricing, and as we ship ex NZ, delivery is fast, freight is cheap, and there are no surprise international GST and Duty and customs charges and hold ups.  You also know the price you pay in NZD.


Stock levels shown are accurate, we have invested in the latest inventory management software that integrates fully with our website, so if we say we have it in stock, we have it in stock, in NZ.  If it isn't in stock we may have it on order, goods do not show in stock until we receive them in Christchurch, so what you want might only be days away.  if not we can either combine it with our next stock order with our supplier to get you free freight to NZ, (allow approx 2 months), or we can air-freight what you need at additional cost. 


Trucking is a lifestyle and we love to see and help trucker pride.  We are proud to be active passionate members of the transport industry.  We are a major supporter of the Safety MAN road safety truck and heavily involved in supporting the NZ Trucking Christchurch truck shows, the largest truck shows in New Zealand!  We have also helped with show trucks for tree major truck dealerships, including exciting co-operation trucks like Heavy trucks "Blue Thunder", "Demon" and "Low Rider" show trucks, supplying all the bling, accessories and  lighting for these trucks.  We also supported Women in Transport with our custom "WOMAN" clip on badge for MAN trucks.