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Double Terminal Pigtail Wire Harness with 6 Spacing (168 Plugs)"

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Plug and play.  Saves heaps of time.  makes wiring so much faster, and if you are charging or charged by the hour a lot cheaper and easier.  Also means lights can be easily replaced if needed without wiring issues.  less joining, sealing doesn't just save time and money, but also gives a better connection for more reliable and longer lasting lighting.  At heavy Trucks moving to looms and lights like this saved them a fortune in new truck setup as labour times dropped dramatically, as did rework as they didn't have issues with connections.

Double Terminal Pigtail Wire Harness with 6 Spacing (168 Plugs)


  • Double Female Bullet Plugs
  • 6" Spacing between Plugs
  • 168 Plugs Included
  • Sold as a 100 Foot Spool
  • 16 Gauge Wire


Pre Plugged loom.  Can be cut to size.  Can be used in conjunction with Single Female Bullet Plug Wire Harness for connection of Dual Revolution LED Lights with 3 or 4 Bullet Plugs.



  •  100 ft. Spool
  •  LED Lights with 2 Bullet Plugs
  •  16 Gauge
  •  IP67 Rating
  •  168 Plugs Included

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