Best Two Step Polishing Starter Pack - NEW!

Best Two Step Polishing Starter Pack - NEW!


Best Two Step Polishing Starter Pack - NEW!

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This is a great kit with all you need for a 2 step polish with high quality products.


Autostolz Heavy Cut Polish and Compound Made in Germany

Heavy Cut Compound

High Cut Compound Polish. Engineered to maximise efficiency for professional detailers. Superior high gloss shine. Quickly and easily removes defects up to 1,200 grit. Can be used with rotary, dual action random orbital or forced rotation polisher Machines, or by hand.
Low dusting. Long work time. Easy to clean. High removal rate. VOC free. No fillers, no silicones, no waxes, non toxic solvents, body shop safe. Made in Germany to the highest possible standards

Autostolz Final Finish Polish and Compound Made in Germany

Final Finish Polish

For a final step in a multi-step polish, or on its own as a high shine polish/ swirl and hologram remover. Engineered to maximise high gloss shine for professional detailers. Especially effective on difficult dark coloured cars. Removes light swirl and holograms up to 3,000 grit.  Can be used with rotary, dual action random orbital or forced rotation polisher machines, or by hand. Low dusting. Long work time. Easy to clean. High removal rate. VOC free. No fillers, no silicones, no waxes, no toxic solvents, body shop safe. Made in Germany to the highest possible standards.


Autostolz High Cut Polishing Pad 145/30mm

A complex dual layer pad design, rethinks the foam pad to improve cutting ability and work times. 

The white open celled cutting layer has fine crosshatched cuts that serve multiple purposes.  More compound is retained on the pad, and as the pad is used these open up and expand to increase the surface area and abrasion, similar to the fibers of a wool pad, but with the cooling and longer work time advantages of an open cell foam pad.  These cuts also increase work time as the pad cools better, and the cuts allow removed clearcoat to go away from the surface, for a better finish, and the pad can be used longer.

This is complemented with the red closed cell thermal layer, which endures pad strength and stability under heat and isolates the cutting surface from the backing plate and machine.  This further improves work times and a more consistent pad structure for better and more even finish.

All these combine to allow a more efficient high cut polish, and better finish results.

The Pad tapers out to allow easier polishing into tight areas without the backing plate coming into contact with the paint surface.

Size: Medium Fits 5”/125mm Backing plates Pad Size: 145mmx25mm

Cut:   High

Recommended Combinations:   Autostolz Heavy Cut Compound

Made In Germany

Autostolz Orange Polishing Finishing Pad

A high quality fine finishing pad for all surfaces.  A dense closed cell foam structure is semi firm and stable, without cross cuts for a low cut, high shine consistent final finish, or applying glazes, sealants or waxes. A 90-degree step reduces pad roll.

This pad is a staple in the range and most commonly used as a second step in a two stop polish.  It is versatile for all types of clearcoat and paint surfaces. 

Size: Medium Fits 5”/125mm Backing plates Pad Size: 145mmx25mm

Cut:  Low (Finishing Pad)

Recommended Combinations:  Autostolz Final Finish Polish, Autostolz Enhanced Wax.\

Made In Germany

Plus The Rockcar 15mm Dual Action Polisher 240V AU/NZ Plug: 


A high powered machine safe to use for the beginner.  This is a quality machine that will deliver great shine and longevity:  High quality construction, 2 year warranty, amazing cooling, easy to use controls,

Rockcar Polisher Machine - 15mm Long throw Dual Action - 5" Backing Plate (for 5.5" pads)

With a large 15mm throw the new RockCar Dual Action Polisher quickly and easily removes scratches, swirls, corrects paint defects and gets your paint to a mirror shine. 

A high powered machine safe to use for the beginner.  This is a quality machine that will deliver great shine and longevity:  High quality construction, 2 year warranty, amazing cooling, easy to use controls, low vibration and a powerful 900w pure copper wire motor, 15mm throw, dual action, random orbital, steel construction including steel gears, and steel counterweight, flexible backing plate…

There is a lot about the RockCar 15mm to love, lets run through some of the reasons that make this our new favorite machine to work with and to have in our detailing arsenals...

rockcars new 15mm dual action random orbital polisher



Extra long 15mm throw to cover more area with each pass, and for more polishing power. The 15mm throw combined with the 125mm (5”) backing plate gives what we believe is the optimal sweet spot for polishing quickly and efficiently with cars.  A larger throw is often too much for the curves of most cars, a smaller throw takes longer to cover the same area, this is the sweet spot and our new go-to polishing machine. 

extra long 15mm throw for faster polishing with rockcar dual action polisher



A powerful 900w motor.  The same amount of work is achieved with less effort with this more powerful machine.  This means you achieve better results faster, with less work for you.  It also means the motor is under less stress making it more durable and reliable. 

powerful 900W copper wire motor


Pure copper wiring electric motor – The RockCar 15mm motor uses pure copper wiring, while more expensive to use copper conducts electricity better this makes for a more powerful and durable machine. 

copper wiring

Constant power system when in low speeds the torque will increase along with the pressure.

 back of rockcar polisher machine



Impressive cooling system to keep air flowing  Polishing creates friction and friction creates heat.  This heat can damage the paint surface, polishing pads, the backing plates and the motor. 

cooling vents close up rockcar polisher



This RockCar polisher has 125 cooling vents and holes throughout the machine including the backing plate, with a large integrated internal cooling fan to force air flow through the machine to keep things cool and large cooling tunnels inside the machine cavity engineered to maximise air flow and cooling for better results and longer durability.

cooling of backing plate for better polishing and longer pad life


lit up cooling tunnels

Have a look at the backing plate and you can see 8 cooling tunnels cut on an angle to force cool air through the backing plate itself as the backing plate spins.  14 cooling holes on the pad mount surface allows hot air to rise through the large cooling channels combining to force hot air away from the pad and paint surface and backing plate. 

cooling tunnels in backing plate of rockcar polisher machine

The metal housing above the backing plate has metal fins like you have on a gearbox of a car to further improve cooling.  This machine has been engineered to run as cool as possible with impressive build quality.

metal cooling fins

This cooling helps cool pads, improving pad life while also reducing potential heat damage to clearcoat.  The low heat generation on the surface makes it ideal for temperature-sensitive paints.



High build quality, and rigorous quality control with all machines going through 5 separate quality checks during the production process.  Steel gears (both), designed to perfectly mesh, for better durability and increased tool life, and better more consistent performance.  Well lubricated parts, with lots of quality grease for smooth operation, lubrication and reduced wear.

Steel gears and quality lubrication polisher machine



Steel Counterweight.  Counterweight for smoother operation, designed and balanced specifically for the included and fitted 5” 125mm backing plate and 15mm throw, and 125mm 5.5” pads for better balance and less vibration.

Steel counterweight polisher



Steel construction.  Solid metal construction with Strong black plastic and rubber housing.  Steel screw (not plastic)

steel construction with rubber dampner and large cooling channel on rockcar 15mm polishing machine dual action random orbital



Low vibration make it a pleasure to use.  The front grip is rubberised giving a soft nonslip grip and underneath between the front grip and the steel section, is a rubber dampener to isolate vibrations.  This makes a big difference to the vibrations you feel through your hand and arms, making the machine much more comfortable to use especially on bigger jobs.  The machine has been carefully balanced and engineered to reduce vibrations and operate efficiently.  In our testing there was a noticeable difference in the vibrations we felt with this machine.

 rockcar 15mm dual action random orbital polisher machine



Easy controls make it intuitive to operate, you can adjust everything with one hand without stopping or interrupting your work.

It feels so natural to use.  You squeeze the continuous progressive speed trigger with your finger to gently and smoothly start the machine, with the same hand your thumb naturally rests against the trigger lock/unlock so you don’t have to keep your finger holding down the trigger.  When you want to adjust speed, your thumb naturally goes to the speed dial - right where you want it, and you can adjust speed up and down without letting go or looking away.  All the controls are simple and durable to ensure longevity.

 easy to use ergonomic design of polisher machine



Random orbital dual action free spinning drive for hologram free finishing.  The random orbit dual action is designed to mimic hand polishing, reducing contact in the same place over and over and reducing the risk of paint damage.  This is achieved by having two movements in the machine, hence “dual action”.  As the motor drives the backing plate around, the backing plate does not just spin, but also follows an orbit on which it is free to rotate depending on forces and friction, hence “random orbital”.  If too much pressure/friction is applied the random orbital movement will stop reducing the risk of paint damage making it a much safer machine to use.  There are other machine styles such as rotary or forced rotation, and in the right hands these can give great results, but we believe the dual action random orbital is currently the best option for safer, high shine, hologram free low risk polishing.

random orbital dual action polishing machine from rockcar

High Quality Flexible backing plate with give and flex, making it easier and safer to work on curves of car bodies

flexible high quality backing plate for better polishing



Rubber backing plate protection shield to protect the user from the moving parts behind the backing plate. Safer, cleaner, better looking and, incorporating 30 cooling holes for improved airflow and cooling, better machine life and polishing results.

protection shield on RockCar random orbital dual action polisher



Over-load and over-heat protection, and Auto Shut-off Carbon Brushes to prevents motor damage, for longer tool life and durability.  An additional pair of carbon brushes are included free with the machine. 

carbon brushes to protect motor



Fits Standard Pads It has a standard 125mm (5 Inch) backing plate with high quality hook and loop for quick easy and secure pad fitment and swapping pads quickly.  It also has a rubberised resting bar for safe setting down

velcro hook and loop 125mm / 5" backing plate for standard pads



Looks great in Stealth black with red button and backing plate.  Easy to keep looking fresh and new.  A long 2.9m cord to allow you to work with the machine easily. 


AU NZ Plug, 240V/50Hz 2.9m cord



Power:  900W

Rated Voltage: 240V/50Hz

No-load Speed: 1700-4800r/min

Backing Plate Size:  125mm (5”)

Warranty:  2 Years

Recommended Polishing Pad Size: 135-150mm (5.5”)

Cord Length: 2.9m

Made in China

Random Orbital Dual Action polisher

Orbit: 15mm

Model Code: T882P

Plug:  NZ/AU


All items are in stock in our warehouse in Auckland. Please allow 1-2 working days for orders to ship. We use Courier Post 24 hour service for the North Island, 48 Hours for the South Island, Couriers do notinclude weekend and public holidays in thier delivery times. Rural delivery can be longer. please chekc your shipping address is correct and full. We do not currently allow pickups and do not have a store you can visit, this helpos us keep prices lower and deliver orders faster. If you have any questions please ask us! thnaks for supporting NZ Business, Adam and the team.

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