Best Leather Kit - Clean and Condition - New!  Will Not clog perforated leather, includes Lanolin

Best Leather Kit - Clean and Condition - New! Will Not clog perforated leather, includes Lanolin

SKU: ZA2322L

Best Leather Kit - Clean and Condition - New! Will Not clog perforated leather, includes Lanolin

SKU: ZA2322L
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This new Leather kit uses the premium Leather Cleaner and Sprayable leather conditioner from Autostolz.  Can also be used on Vegan leather like in a tesla and MBTex. 

The trick to cleaning and conditioning leather is to clean it first, then condition it.  Leather absorbs oils and grime from your hands and sitting in the car, along with other dirt and smells, these absorb in and can break down the leather over time.  To keep your leather looking, feeling and smelling like new it is important to clean these oils and grime away and to then condition it with a quality leather conditioner so that it stays supple and nourished.  You don't want the leather drying out, especially in our harsh sun.  It's so sad to see a nice car that hasn't had the leather looked after and is all dry and cracked and worn.  If you look after your leather, it will last much longer and look and feel much better and will keep its new car leather smell better as well.  It's really easy to do with the right great, and that's what this kit is designed for.

This is an improvement on our earlier kits with the premium Autostolz range of leather products.  The leather cleaner can also be used to clean plastic making it handy to give the whole interior a clean at the same time, it's phosphate free and a gentle but effective cleaner.  Spray some onto the horse hair brush and gently scrub.  then use one of the Roadie microfiber cloths in the kit to wipe up and lifted grime with the residue cleaner, do this as you go withing a section at a time as you want to wipe up the residue and lifted grim before it dries back on the leather, otherwise you are just moving things around.  

The horse hair brush is soft and ideal for gently scrubbing and cleaning leather, some bristles may come out as you work, this is normal and due to the soft horse hairs being difficult to clamp into a brush than synthetic fibers.  You can use it to clean plastic and other interior surfaces as well.  This kit has the high quality rock car horse hair brush.

Once clean and dry, condition the leather with the Autostolz Sprayable Leather Conditioner.  This new formula will not clog perforated leather, and includes lanolin to naturally moisturize and condition your leather.  


 Included in the kit:

Autostolz Leather And Plastic Cleaner gently and safely cleans leather

1x Autostolz Leather & Plastic Cleaner - Phosphate Free - 500ml 

Safely and effectively cleans leather, vegan leather, artificial leather and leather alternatives, plastic, and vinyl. Can be used on most Alcantara and suede but care should be taken. Always do a small subtle test spot first to check as all surfaces are different. Removes embedded and surface oil, dirt, grime and most sunscreen. Regularly and thoroughly removing these contaminants is important to avoid premature wear of these surfaces. PH balanced. No phosphates. Gentle formula. We recommend always using a two step process of first cleaning, then conditioning. This product is specific for cleaning.

DIRECTIONS: Shake bottle well. Spray onto soft horsehair brush or cloth, gently scrub the surface. Work in a small section at a time. Take care around any existing cracks or wear. Wipe with a clean microfiber cloth to remove lifted oil and dirt before surface dries. Once surface is clean and dry condition and protect with Autostolz™ Leather Conditioner. Use on cool surfaces only, surface should not exceed 30⁰C (86⁰F). With all chemicals always do a subtle test spot first. Do not let freeze

 the New Leather Conditioner from Autostolz does not clog perforations in leather and has natural lanolin to condition leather naturally.

1x Autostolz Sprayable Leather Conditioner - Will Not Clog Perforations - 500ml

 Premium leather conditioner with natural lanolin and bees wax to naturally clean, hydrate and protect leather. Sprayable. Will not clog perforated leather seats. Natural look and feel, not sticky or shiny. Quick and easy to use. Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals that could harm leather. Can be used on other leather surfaces, like sofas, shoes, wallets, jackets, handbags. Can be used on vinyl and plastic. Do not use on suede, Alcantara or leather that is not smooth. DIRECTIONS: Shake bottle well. Apply a small amount on an applicator or cloth, very soft brush and work into the leather. Work in a small section at a time. Wipe excess of and buff clean with a clean cloth or very soft brush. For best results clean with Autostolz™ Leather Cleaner as a separate step first. Use on cool surfaces only, surface should not exceed 30⁰C (86⁰F). With all chemicals always do a small, subtle test spot first. Do not let freeze. 

 The premium horse hair leather brush from Rockcar is best for cleaning and scrubbing leather and plastic gently

1 Rockcar Soft Premium Horse Hair Leather & Plastic Cleaning Brush

One of our favorite and most popular brushes, soft natural horse hair for the best and safest cleaning of leather and delicate surfaces.  Great also on plastic and vinyl, making it a handy interior brush to have.  Professional quality this brush with a durable chemical resistant polypropylene handle the perfect size to fit in your hands.  

The bristles are soft natural horse hair.  This quality brush clamps the hairs well, however it is normal for these soft hairs to shed some bristles, and you may find some bristles left behind, this is normal when using our natural horse hair brush, a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth will quickly remove these.  For leather this is the brush we recommend, over and above any synthetic brushes we have that may not shed, horse hair remains our choice for leather and plastic surfaces.  Made by rockcar.


High Quality microfiber applicators made in Kore by Rockcar


2 Pack of Rockcar Show Starter Applicator Pads - Natural Brown

Very Soft All Purpose Microfiber Applicator (2 Pack)

  •  Soft Microfiber Applicator, 70/30 Blend to reduce scratching
  • Tight weave to reduce product wastage
  • No Scratching, tagless, stickerless.
  • Highest quality
  • 125 x 95 x 28mm, 4.92x 3.74x 1.1 
  • Made in Korea

Rockcar roadie highets quality 70 30 microfiber cloths made in Korea

2 Pack of Rockcar Roadie High Quality Microfiber Cloths - Natural Brown

Very Soft All Purpose Microfiber Cloth (2 Pack)

  • Our most used microfiber cloth. Soft non scratch all-purpose cloth optimal for cleaning and buffing off
  •  70/30 blend high quality weave
  •  No scratching. Tagless, stickerless, cornerless, offset join away from the corners for durability.
  • Highest quality – Made in Korea. 400x400mm, 15.75x15.75”, 250gsm



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