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BEST SELLER!! Super Shine X Kit

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Want to get serious about polishing and get that mirror shine all the time without working your ass off.  It all comes down to having the right tools and the right technique.  It's real simple to start, buy this kit and watch this video.  


We like this kit as they have decent sizes - std bottle of polish (not a tiny sample), full rouge bars (not little toy things), and 10" buffing wheels (not smaller 8").  Here's what you get in the box:

  • 1 – Pro 40 Perfection Metal Polish  16oz
  • 1 – Primary Cutting Tripoli Rouge Bar
  • 1 – Secondary Cutting Green Rouge Bar
  • 1 – Final Finish White Rouge Bar
  • 3 – 10″ Cut Color Shine Airway Buffing Wheels
  • 1 – Airway Buff Safety Flange


You don't get a rake (it won't fit in the box), but you'll want one of those.  You also might want to get some pro50 to use between each round to open up the pres of the metal and make the job even easier  

We'd also recommend having some wax to clean as needed in case you make a mess, and to put a protective coat over once finished to help protect your work.  

Either a spray wax which is quicker to apply like Pro33

Or Cherry wax

Take the hard work out of polishing and stop mucking around - Get the gear, learn the skills and you will be amazed at the results, and how satisfying it is.  

You will never polish by hand again!