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Truck Show Kit - Jekyll and Hyde

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You want the long pointed nut covers, but are getting dramas about the front nut covers..  we've got you covered..


You get a 6x4 kit of Pointed nutcover hub kits, to look the part on show day. And you get 20 rounded nut covers to swap if your having issues with CVIU. All threaded nut covers, so you need to have enough spare thread over the nut covers to fit, please check before ordering. American 33mm size only, will not fit European, Japanese etc please check. Not available in other sizes.


You Get:

1x THUB-C4

2x TNUT-F2t-10PK


The kit also included a 33MM THREADED WHEEL NUT COVER WRENCH to make it easier to swap nut covers on show day.

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