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LHR 15 MarkII Random Orbital Machine

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Rupes BigFoot LHR15 Mark II Random Orbital Polisher

Why Buy This Product?

  • Superior Italian design and craftsmanship
  • Long 15mm orbital throw for fast paint correction
  • Soft start guarantees an acceleration ramp to prevent accidental dispersion of product
  • Anti-spinning feature prevents high speed rotations avoiding scratches
  • Electronic feedback control maintains constant in all applications
  • Improved motor controllers for increased RPMs and torque throughout operation
  • 2500 - 5300 RPMs
  • 500W motor
  • Works with 5.5’’ buffing pads only
  • Can be used by professionals and enthusiasts

About The LHR 15 MKII

The Rupes LHR 15 Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher sets the stage for 21st century detailing. Rupes, an Italian company that has been manufacturing precision tools since 1947, has developed the most high-tech orbital polisher the world has ever seen. Over several years of development, the LHR 15 has redefined paint correction for the enthusiast and professional detailer. The innovative system allows for the smoothest and most efficient polishing experience. The amazing Italian design will change the way you polish paintwork forever. 

The Rupes LHR 15 Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher utilizes a unique 15 millimeter throw which covers more surface area than a conventional orbital polisher. The larger throw allows the Rupes LHR 15 to remove swirls, scratches, holograms, and other paint defects faster and easier than any other machine. A typical orbital polisher has a throw between 4 and 8 millimeters. The LHR 15 Big Foot’s 15 millimeter throw gives this revolutionary polisher the ability to run smoother and correct defects faster than a conventional dual action polisher. The Rupes LHR 15 comes equipped with a 5 inch hook and loop backing plate designed to use 5.5 inch pads. Chemical Guys 5.5 Inch Hex-Logic and Microfiber Polishing Pads are a great choice to use with the Rupes LHR 15 Big Foot Polisher. 

The all-new and improved MK2 Rupes design features improved torque and speed controls for increased power delivery from the same 500W motor, and subtle design refinements like the addition of a top-mounted resting ridge. Detailers can now lay the machine down flat and off the buffing pad when not in use to avoid contaminating the buffing pad or painted surface. The new MK2 Rupes machines deliver better and more professional results in less time than ever before.

Rupes - Rupes Mark 2 - Rupe Mark II 15

Improved Power

The all new MK2 machines from Rupes feature refined motor designs and case modifications for increased performance and practicality. Rupes increased the power and torque output of the LHR 15 machine while decreasing vibration and energy use. This 30% bump in efficiency increases torque and operating speeds 500 RPMs over the prior design with no change to the standard 500W motor. New MK2 machines will not bog down or stop working on dramatic contours or curves for improved correction power and reduced work time. Subtle design cues like the addition of the rubber tool rest gives the machine a way to lay flat when not in use. Laying the machine flat on its back keeps the buffing pad free from contamination while taking a break from polishing work. New MK2 Rupes machines give more power and practicality to the end user than ever before.

Rupes Polisher - Rupes MarkII Polisher

Swirl And Hologram Free

The Rupes LHR 15 Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher creates a flawless finish with an industry leading 15 millimeter throw. The advantage of using a Rupes LHR 15 is the ability to create a finish that is free of swirls or holograms. A typical rotary polisher can remove paint defects very quickly, but can also create swirls and holograms into the paintwork due to the machine’s power. The Rupes LHR 15 Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher leaves a flawless finish when polishing on single stage and clear coat surfaces. The Rupes LHR 15 is perfect for the novice and professional detailer looking for a high performance, easy to use polishing machine. 

The Rupes LHR 15 Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher utilizes a much larger throw than most other dual action polishers on the market. The innovative larger throw makes the Rupes LHR 15 ideal for polishing contoured surfaces with a 5.5 inch pad. Chemical Guys Microfiber Polishing Pads give this machine the ability to remove heavy paint defects while also polishing to a flawless finish. The dual-action orbital technology evenly and safely polishes the surface for a perfect shine. The Rupes LHR 15 Big Foot Polisher makes paint correction easier than ever imagined without the risk of burning through the paintwork.

Chemical Guys - Rupes Polisher - Rupes - Mark 2 15 throw

Italian Craftsmanship

The Rupes LHR 15 Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher uses superior Italian craftsmanship to create a tool that is built to last. The innovative engineering and design makes the LHR 15 the perfect machine for extended polishing jobs. The ergonomic design allows for precision paint correction with complete comfort. The soft-start system allows for total control by slowly increasing the speed of the machine once the trigger is pulled. Rupes soft-start system reduces the risk of slinging polish away from the machine while maintaining the polisher’s constant speed.

Mark 2 Polisher 15mm throw - Chemical Guys

The Rupes LHR 15 Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher features a variable speed control that gives the user six settings for any polishing situation. Perfect for polishing cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and even motorcycles. The Rupes Big Foot Polisher is built to handle any detailing situation. Quickly and easily create a flawless finish on any color paintwork. Rupes utilizes innovative design characteristics to provide any detailing enthusiast with the power to handle any paint correction situation. The Rupes LHR 15 Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher will take your detailing possibilities to the next level of perfection.