Flexworks Rotary Backing Plate -With Hyper Flex Technology 6 Inch (5/8 X 11)

Flexworks Rotary Backing Plate -With Hyper Flex Technology 6 Inch (5/8 X 11)
Flexworks Rotary Backing Plate -With Hyper Flex Technology 6 Inch (5/8 X 11)

Flexworks Rotary Backing Plate -With Hyper Flex Technology 6 Inch (5/8 X 11)

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FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plate with Hyper Flex Technology (6 Inch)

flexworks 6 inch backing plate rotary buffer 

Why Buy This Product?

  • 6'' rotary polisher backing plate
  • Perfect for 6.5” buffing pads
  • Hyper Flex foam adapts to dramatic curves and contours
  • Durable impact-resistant plastic core resists twist damage for reliability
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum thread insert attaches to any rotary polisher
  • Helps ensure even paint removal for shiny finish with enhanced glossy glow
  • Perfect for polishing paintwork, clear plastic, glass, and polished metals
  • Use with any Rotary Polisher from FLEX, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Festool, Dynabrade, and many more

How It Works

FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plates use Hyper Flex Technology for better polishing results. Remember using big, stiff, heavy backing plates with an old wool pad on your rotary polisher? Those days are long gone. Modern water-based paint finishes do not respond well to the intense heat and abrasion generated by wool pads, which is the prime contributor of holograms and buffer trails. Modern backing plates like the FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plate are lightweight, low-mass, and flexible for superior backing up of soft foam buffing and polishing pads. Attach the FlexWorks Backing Plate to any rotary polisher via the universal fit 5/8” threaded fixture, and take on any polishing job on large flat panels and curved contours alike. This large 6” backing plate is perfect for backing up 6.5” buffing and polishing pads for rapid and versatile paint correction. Unlike cheaper backing plates, FlexWorks is checked for perfect balance once manufactured to ensure it spins without wobbling, which can cause uneven heat burns and paint damage while polishing. A reinforced aluminum thread and impact-resistant plastic backing body creates a super-strong base for the plush flexible foam to attach to for millions of revolutions of reliable detailing use. Upgrade to the FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plate with Hyper Flex Technology, and finish every polishing job with crystal clarity in less time.

flexworks 6 inch backing plate rotary buffer

Adapts To Surface For Even Polishing Pressure

Unlike thin and hard plastic backing plates, the FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plates feature a flexible pad backing. This Hyper Flex material conforms to different curves and contours to ensure even polishing over every part of the car. Try using a stiff old school backing plate on a flat hood, then take it on a curved fender. You’ll probably end up with glassy reflection on the hood and notched lines of holograms all over the fenders! With the FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plate, simply keep the plush foam buffing pad flat on the panel and follow every curve and contour for professional show car results with every polishing job. The FlexWorks Backing Plate bends, flexes, adapts, and adjusts to move with you, not work against you. Combined with good polishing techniques and compounds, the FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plate delivers great polishing results on any job.

flexworks 6 inch backing plate rotary buffer

Universal Rotary Polisher Fitment

Rotary polishers are the oldest machine polishing tool in existence. Since we’ve had the automobile, we’ve had the rotary polisher to keep the paintwork shining brilliantly, without any swirls or scratches. The industry has standardized the tooling, fittings, and accessories used with these machines, and the FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plate fits every type of rotary polisher sold today. This durable backing plate screws onto the rotary buffer via the universal fit 5/8’’ - 11 spindle thread. Slap on your favorite foam buffing pad onto the hook and loop interface side for a secure grip that won’t quit during any polishing job. The extra dense hook and loop material pattern holds on to buffing pads at normal polishing speeds around 2,000 RPMs, and whenever cleaning and drying buffing pads at speeds exceeding 3,500 RPMs. Use your favorite rotary polisher and all the buffing pads and accessories you’ve already collected over the years with the trusty and versatile FlexWorks Rotary Polisher Hyper Flex Backing Plate.

Con-Volution Convoluted Waffle Buffing Pad System 1-2-3 CONVOLUTED-EVOLUTION FOAM BUFFING PADS

Conforms To Curves For Better Polishing

FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plates use Hyper Flex technology to follow every curve and contour of automobile panels. Traditional rotary polisher backing plates are too stiff to follow any curves or complex car shapes. Polishing a curve with a stiff backing plate puts too much pressure on the edges of the pad and creates extra friction that burns paint with holograms, buffer trails, or worse… FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plates help the buffing pad fill in every bit of curves and contours, spreading every bit of polishing force evenly across the surface. Fewer pressure points and hot spots means even working action and paint removal across the entire area of the buffing pad. Even paint removal means even gloss, even shine, and superior polishing results over every automobile panel, curve, and complex shape that catches the eye. Evolve your polishing tool selection, and choose the FlexWorks Rotary Polisher Backing Plate to ensure even results with minimized damage danger.

What Machines Is This Backing Plate For?

FlexWorks Rotary Backing Plates fit any rotary polisher that accepts 5/8’’ - 11 spindle accessories, including those manufactured by:

  • FLEX
  • Makita
  • Dewalt
  • Hitachi
  • Festool
  • Milwaukee
  • Dynabrade
  • How To Use:
    • Lock rotary polisher mechanism with the locking button located at the top of the unit.
    • Line up the FlexWorks rotary backing plate with the output shaft threads of the machine.
    • Gently screw the backing plate down in place until it locks against the bottom of the threads.
    • To remove, lock the polisher mechanism and unscrew the backing plate from the machine.

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