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Rounded, Threaded - Chrome Plastic ABS Front & Rear Hub Cover Kit with Removeable Hubcap & Threaded Nut Covers

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Heavy Trucks upped their game and started fitting these as standard to new Western Stars - you may have seen them on some show trucks and on the road.  Complete Chrome ABS Plastic Axle & Nut Cover Kit - 1 Box is all you need for a 6x4.  Add some extra front kits (THUB-FRP33) if you have an 8x4, and some extra rears for your trailers.  These sell out fast!  Great quality, mirror shine, easy to fit, and great price!  The wheel nuts screw in making it harder for people to steal them, and the wheel nuts screw over the hubcap to hold it in place, also securing it from theft, and stopping them falling out on your drive.
Sold Kit
Designed to Fit Most 20", 22.5" & 24.5" Wheels - 11.25" Bolt Spacing. 1/2" of exposed thread for Threaded Nut Covers
What's Included 2 x 6 Notch Front Chrome ABS Plastic Axle Covers | 4 x 8" Diameter Rear Chrome ABS Plastic Axle Covers | 60 x 33mm Threaded Nut Covers | 1 x Nut Cover Tool
Material Chrome ABS Plastic
Installation\Data PDFs  THUB-C1 Technical Data.pdf

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