Carbon Flex Protective Coating System Kit (1 oz) - 2 Towels + Applicator

Carbon Flex Protective Coating System Kit (1 oz) - 2 Towels + Applicator

Carbon Flex Protective Coating System Kit (1 oz) - 2 Towels + Applicator

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Carbon Flex C9 is the world’s most advanced hydrophobic protective coating. Carbon Flex C9 creates crystal clear protection for a brilliant shine on any vehicle.

Use This To: 

  • Rejects UV sunlight, liquids, bug splatters, bird droppings, and more
  • Reduce dirt cling and extend cleaning intervals
  • Protect against fading, oxidation, discoloration, and corrosion
  • Protect up to 36 months with one application
  • Contain durable long term protection against the elements

Brilliant Candy Sparkle Finish

Carbon Flex C9 enhances the most brilliant shine and gloss from any color paintwork. The C9 coating cures transparent to heighten a beautiful lustrous finish that makes any color sparkle with a crystal clear, wet, and glossy shine. Finishes treated with Carbon Flex look like they were finished with expensive custom candy coating paint jobs. C9 Coating enhances the natural gloss and depth of paintwork so that it glistens and glows with a unique signature crystal candy sparkle.

Extended Protection And Shine

Traditional car waxes have limited durability on paintwork and other automotive surfaces. Carnauba wax protects paintwork from the elements and enhances shine with a warm, wet look, but it only lasts up to three months under ideal conditions. Chemical Guys Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating is the next evolution in car care coatings. The durable coating protects paintwork and other automotive surfaces for up to 36 months.



How to use it - Paint:

  1. Wash vehicle and decontaminate all paintwork, clear plastic, glass, and polished metal with a clay bar.
  2. Polish away any swirls, scratches, or other defects to satisfaction. 
  3. Surface must be totally dry and cool to the touch. DO NOT apply in direct sunlight.
  4. Wrap Carbon Flex Durafoam Coating Applicator Block with Optical Select Micro-Suede Applicator Towel.
  5. Hold Carbon Flex C9 bottle upright and place Micro-Suede Applicator on top of the opening. Invert bottle and applicator and move bottle around the applicator block to spread Carbon Flex C9 over the entire applicator face.
  6. Allow coating to dry and bond to the surface for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  7. Buff off any streaks using premium microfiber towel.
  8. After initial cure time, vehicle can be washed and driven regularly.
  9. DO NOT wash or expose the vehicle to rain, snow, or moisture for 8-12 hours.


Most professional installers have found that a minute is enough in warm climates like the US, Canada, and Europe. Though extremely cold or humid climates can require more time, a minute is more than enough time needed to achieve incredible protection and shine!

Please Note: Always try a test spot before use. 

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