Black On Black Instant Shine Interior & Exterior Spray Dressing

Black On Black Instant Shine Interior & Exterior Spray Dressing

Black On Black Instant Shine Interior & Exterior Spray Dressing

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Black on Black Instant Shine Exterior Spray Dressing

Why Buy This Product?

  • Instantly restore new black shine to trim pieces and tires
  • Non-greasy formula finishes 100% dry to the touch
  • Aerosol product covers any hard to reach piece
  • Perfect for grilles, vents, louvers, low-profile tires, and engine bays
  • Anti-stick UV all-weather protection

How It Works

Black On Black Instant Shine Spray Dressing turns tedious detailing jobs into a 30-second task. Imagine spreading dressing into grilles, grates, and vents by hand… It’s not fun! Save your fingers and mist a light coating of Black On Black Instant Shine over any intricate car part to restore a rich black like-new look. The sprayable dressing is packaged in an aerosol form, and uses an ultra-fine atomizer mister top to spray the thinnest coat of dressing into the hardest to reach parts. Easily cover windshield cowls without getting globs of dressing stuck in the holes; cover every side of grilles, fins, and intake grates with two quick passes; shine up low-profile tires without scraping your knuckles on tucked fenders or getting your hands dirty. Black On Black is especially perfect for dressing engine bays! Finish the engine bay wash with a light coating of Black On Black over rubber hoses, plastic covers, air ducts, coolant lines, electrical insulators, fluid reservoirs, and battery covers without any rubbing or buffing. The super-shine dressing is blended with UV blockers to help repel harmful UV rays that fade, discolor, and crack exterior rubber and plastic trim parts. Anti-static agents help repel airborne dust and dirt to keep treated trim pieces clean and detailed for longer. Professional detailers customize the level of shine produced by Black On Black. Just mist it on and walk away for a bright wet look, or wipe off excess for a dry new look. If creams, liquids, and gels are too difficult to work with, turn to aerosol dressings like Black On Black for a rich new shine anywhere on your car.

Better Results With Less Work

Spreading dressing by hand can get tedious. Imagine coating every individual fin of a big plastic grille with a hand applicator, or using a fine brush to push dressing underneath grates and louvers. It’s not practical! Save the time and strain, and just mist some new black shine with Black On Black Spray Dressing. The aerosol formula sprayed through the ultra-fine misting atomizer top covers a huge surface area with minimal product. Skip hours of painstaking dressing and finishing on tires, bumpers, doors, engines, and windows: simply spray Black On Black on the surface, and wipe away any excess to customize to your desired shine.

It’s All In The Formula

Black On Black Instant Shine Spray Dressing is a detailer's dream because it saves time and energy, and restores a bold new shine to all the hard-to-reach trim pieces around a vehicle. Black On Black is so effective because the ultra-fine atomization sprayer mists into the tightest and hardest to reach spots that would otherwise be unreachable. Once Black On Black is applied over the surface, the ultra-refined oils penetrate deep into textured plastic and rubber parts, nourishing them to restore a rich new look with glossy shine. Black On Black is also formulated with UV light blockers to help protect trim pieces from the damaging effects of the sun, and keep them looking like new for longer. When an applicator pad just doesn’t fit, spray the faded gray look away with Black On Black Instant Shine Dressing.

Fastest And Easiest Protectant Dressing

Black On Black Instant Shine Spray Dressing is the fastest and most effective spray shine protectant dressing. This non-greasy dry-to-the-touch formula sprays on fast and easy. Afraid of overspray? Don’t worry; the refined sprayable formula is easily wiped away from glass and paintwork without staining any clear plastics or stripping any wax coatings. Black On Black leaves trim, engine bays, moldings, black plastics, grilles, louvers, grates, tires, and any other hard-to-reach areas black, shiny, and protected.

Need Help Choosing A Dressing?

Use this comparison chart as a reference.

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How To Use:
  • Prepare plastic/rubber part by cleaning it with appropriate cleaners and methods.
  • Shake Black On Black can, spray light coat 8 to 10 inches from surface.
  • Repeat to achieve desired level of shine.
  • Wipe off excess if desired with a clean microfiber towel.
  • If overspray lands on other areas, wipe clean with a fresh microfiber towel.

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