Black Car - Glaze, Jetseal, Butter Wet Wax

SKU: akitblack3
Black Car - Glaze, Jetseal, Butter Wet Wax
Black Car - Glaze, Jetseal, Butter Wet Wax
Black Car - Glaze, Jetseal, Butter Wet Wax
Black Car - Glaze, Jetseal, Butter Wet Wax
Black Car - Glaze, Jetseal, Butter Wet Wax

Black Car - Glaze, Jetseal, Butter Wet Wax

SKU: akitblack3
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Black cars look amazing when clean, that mirror shine, its so awesome and hard to beat. But black cars are also the hardest. They show everything, dirt, scratches, swirls, lint, reflections of messy garages... you see it all.

One of the most asked questions we get is about how to make a black car really shine like a mirror.  So we have put together this kit along with the advice we often give to go with it.  Buy this kit, read this advice, and you should be all set to make your black car look amazing!  You don’t need a machine for this, this is all easy simple products to do by hand.


A few basics first:

  • Before you start you want to wash and dry the car, and ideally clay it.
  • Black cars show everything so its important to wash with 2 buckets and dirt traps, and dry with a nice soft cloth like the woolly mammoth (it can leave a bit of lint when new but its super soft)
  • If your car has old waxes and sealants on it wash it with cleanslate to remove these first.
  • Clay and Clay kits can be found here.


After that, move the car ideally inside and let the paint cool. 


A new kit as we keep recommending these items and keep getting asked if there's a kit for them..


How to do it:


Apply Blacklight Glaze


Glazes need to bond to the paint (or ceramic).  Claying first will allow them to bond better.  Glazes are only for painted areas not windows or headlights and def not plastic or rubber trim.


Glazes are like makeup for cars.  They hide the minor scratches and imperfections like makeup hides wrinkles and blemishes.  It’s not permanent, just like those wrinkles the scratches are still there, but they are damn hard to see.  Glazes make the paint pop and look better. 


The basic process for glazes, Jetseal and waxes is the same.  Apply then with a microfiber applicator (I prefer the workhorse myself as they are easier to wash and bigger to allow me to apply more faster).  You apply fast, you’re not working it in, you’re just spreading it like butter on toast, or marmite, you want to cover everything and let it bond.  You leave it normally 20 mins (check bottle), and the buff it off by hand with a workhorse microfiber towel.  Use them flat, folded into quarters, and as they clog flip, that way you get maximum surface contact for faster results, and get 8 goes on one cloth.  The cloths come in packs of 3.  The workhorse is our favourite for this as they have tiny hook ends that grab the products, the happy ending cloth for example is too soft, great for some other jobs but way too much work to remove glazes or waxes etc. 


Adam calls the glaze, Jetseal, wax his 3-beer system.  Apply, have a beer while you wait 20 mins, then buff off and repeat. 


Here’s a how to video on glazes


Now the car will look awesome, but don’t stop now or it won’t last...


Next:  Jetseal. 


Jetseal is an amazing product.  Carnauba wax is a natural product, Jetseal is high quality carnauba wax modified at a nano level to have polymer bonds.  Bottom line is it will last up to 12 months. 


Hers a how-to video on it:


Jetseal your paint, mag wheels, windows, mirrors and clear plastic like headlights (not black/grey trim though or rubber etc).  You can also use it on metal, even bits that get hot like motorcycle exhaust tips.  Its an amazing product.



Now you can stop here, and you’ll be fine.  On a fleet car this is where I’d stop.  But if you want to take the shine to the next level, I’d add a layer or 2 of butter wet wax.


Last Butter Wet Wax/Cherry Wet Wax

Waxes don’t last as long but add more shine; butter wet wax lasts about 2 months, super easy to apply and buff off and gives amazing shine.  You can layer waxes as much as you like until you exceed maximum width restrictions of 2.55m so go nuts.  We often only add a layer on the day but then add more layers as we feel like it after maintenance washes, less on a timetable and more around when we feel like it, more regularly than 2 months, that way we apply it when we have time and feel like it, and we do it often enough to make sure we always keep the wax levels up.   We enjoy it more and I always have lots of wax.  Waxes will add lots of shine.  


You will get either Butter Wet Wax or the special cherry edition version Cherry Wet Wax (smells like Cherries), not both. 






What you get:

This kit has what you need to do the above:

1x Blacklight Glaze, (473ml bottle)

1x Jetseal, (473ml bottle)

1x Butter wet Wax (473ml bottle)

4 Workhorse microbiber applicators (2x twin packs, colour varies subject to availability)

3  Workhorse microbiber cloths (1 Three pack, , colour varies subject to availability)


Use a fresh applicator and cloth for each products. It you want more cloths you can order these separately.

 Note:  Due to covid there is a shortage of certain colours of microfber products, so the colour of cloth and applicate in this kit may vary, and may not fit our normal colour coding, the only difference is colour, they are all otherwise the same)





More info on Blacklight:

Black Light is pure eye-candy for black and dark-colored cars. The amazing hybrid glaze adds tons of deep wet shine, fills in minor imperfections, and lays down a layer of durable sealant in one step!

Use This Glaze To: 

  • Give your black car a dazzling deep-wet shine
  • Skip the time consuming sealing step
  • Fill in swirls without cutting or polishing
  • Lightly cleanse paintwork for brightest shine
  • Even out paint surface for mirror-like reflection

Customized Care For Your Black Car

If left untreated, black paintwork fades, oxidizes, and shows scratches like no other color. Black Light protects and enhances black paint to give it back a sinister glowing reflection. The intense gloss enhancers and micro-refined oils in this glaze fill minor swirls and scratches, reducing their visibility, allowing the surface to better reflects light and glow with a dark mirror-like shine.

Advanced Sealants Lock In Candy Sparkle

Automobile paint faces a constant onslaught from the elements. Sunlight, weather, and pollution damage can degrade painted finishes over time, especially on black cars. Black Light contains premium UV inhibitors that block harmful  solar rays, protecting and maintaining the dark glow on your car. Black Light helps protect paintwork against pollution, brake dust, industrial fallout, and water spots. 

 How to use it:

  1. Squeeze 3 - 5 dots of glaze onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad.
  2. Apply to the entire vehicle in a thin, even coat.
  3. Allow glaze to bond with surfaces for 15 minutes.
  4. Buff off with a premium microfiber towel.
  5. Once removed, allow 30 minutes of cure time before adding a second coat if desired.





More information on Jetseal:

JetSeal is the ultimate long-lasting paint sealant that uses the latest aerospace technology to protect against the harshest elements while enhancing a brilliant glassy shine. 

Use This Sealant To:

  • Make contaminants slide off
  • Protect daily driven vehicles
  • Enhance high gloss shine on any paint color
  • Provide durable protection for up to one year
  • Make water slide right off

Extreme Weather And Temperature Protection

Traditional waxes only last a couple months at a time. Chemical Guys developed JetSeal for the aerospace industry, which demanded strong protection for jet airplanes flying in extreme hot and cold temperatures. A coat of JetSeal helps repel pollution and contamination, enhance a brilliant shine, and preserve a smooth finish for up to one-year.

Fully Synthetic Man Made Sealant

The secret to JetSeal’s amazing protection characteristics is the highly-refined synthetic nano-tech polymers that bond directly to the surface for long-term durability. JetSeal creates a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and UV sunlight. Innovative UV protection technology helps reject harmful solar rays and protect paintwork against fading and discoloration. 






More info on Butter Wet Wax:


Butter Wet Wax is a smooth, liquid creme wax that melts into the paint like butter for easy on/off application to give you the deepest, wettest look imaginable in a matter of minutes.

Use This Wax To:

  • Effortlessly add gobs of deep gloss
  • Lightly cleanse the paintwork
  • Nurture and maintain the highest level of shine
  • Wax and dry wet car at the same time
  • Add a durable shield against harmful UV rays

Minimum Time, Maximum Shine

Butter Wet Wax takes everything you know about wax and makes it a fast, fun, and easy experience. The wipe on, wipe off formula smells amazing, shortens work time and produces a streak/resin free shine in a matter of minutes! This natural protective coating allows water to bead off the surface and makes bird dropping removal simple and easy, helps prevent permanent damage to your paintwork.

Refined Natural Carnauba Cleanses Paint

Butter Wet Wax makes your paint shine with the vibrant magic of natural carnauba, a wax taken from the leaves of Brazilian plants. These all-natural ingredients not only fight off the harsh effects of the environment, they have also been refined to lightly cleanse your paint from light scuffs, bird droppings, road tar, tree sap, and even overspray!





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