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32mm Curved End Chrome Plastic Nut Covers (Box of 20) - won't rust!

$135.00 NZD excl. GST $117.39
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Finally, good quality, well priced European chrome plastic nut covers!  Throw those ugly rusty tin ones away.  Super hard to find we finally got them.  check your nut size, these will suit 32mm.

Price is per wheel nut, available in boxed multiples of 20.  One box per axle.  So 6x4 = 6 boxes.  8x4 = 8 boxes.  Easy.

Chrome plastic so won't rust!

Size:  32

Nut Cover Key 32 hexagonal
Material: ABS
Color: Chrome plated
Packaging: 10pz.
Weight: 0,14 Kg

Fits size 32 wheel nuts on MAN, Mercedes Benz, Scania, Volvo, Daf, Iveco, and some Japanese Trucks.  Please check your nut sizes before you order!

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