Cleaning Cloths

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    Quality Microfiber cloths.

    Best for buffing off wax, glaze, sealants - Workhorse

    Best for soft light cleaning with quick detailer - Happy ending

    Best for Metal polish - Zephyr or Workhorse

    Best for windows - have 2, one Workhorse to clean, the other waffle to wipe dry, both blue.

    Try to Colour Code, Light green for paint, black for tyres/trim, brown for leather, yellow for interior, blue for windows, Grey or Dark Green, yellow for metal polish.

    10 products
    Fluffer 24' X 16' Ultra Premium Red w/Green Edges (3 Pack)
    Ultimate Glass And Window Waffle Weave Premium Microfiber Towel, Blue 24" X 16"
    Gray Matter Silk Effect Super Soft Microfiber Waffle Weave Dryer Towel (36" X 25")
    The Workhorse Towel Professional Grade Microfiber Towels, Green (3 Pack)
    The Workhorse Towel Professional Grade Microfiber Towels, Blue (3 Pack)
    Workhorse Towel-Green For Exteriors Professional Grade Microfiber Towels-(16" X 24") (3-Pack)
    Workhorse Tan Professional Grade Microfiber Towel, 16" X 24" (Leather & Vinyl)(3-Pack)
    Happy Ending Edgeless Microfiber Towel Purple - (3 Pack)
    Chemical Guys MIC701 - Glass And Window Waffle Weave Streak Free Towel, Blue 16" X 27" (new packaging)
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